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The creation of the Daxtractor has been a life long journey for its founder, Dax Davis. Dax spent many years learning from the forefathers of extraction technology. When Dax came across Rosin, he knew it was special. As a purist, he enjoyed the fact that it was a solvent-less extraction method and set on a path to master the technique. After breaking several of his wife’s hair straighteners, he started to search for a stronger device. Many of the machines he came across were not American made or had been manufactured for different uses and then retrofitted for solvent-less extraction. Frustrated with his findings, Dax began the process of building a custom press specifically made for Rosin. He enlisted the help of his family’s 3rd generation machine shop in Johnstown, Ohio and the project became a family affair. The challenge was to create a design that will maximize pressure, keep the press portable, while not compromising durability or the quality of the end product. After a year and a half of research and development, the final result was a fully functional professional grade press called the Daxtractor.

Dax’s passion is to build a machine that can be used to produce clean and safe medicine. The Daxtractor Press Co. is medically inspired; lifestyle driven and will always be pressing forward.