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What makes the Daxtractor different?

This is a professionally engineered rosin press, 100% made and manufactured in the USA. No air compressor needed with manual or electric pump options. It has 25 tons of hydraulic pressure, but remains lightweight, compact and portable. The Daxtractor comes fully assembled with no self adjustments needed. Plus, a Pelican travel case is included with each purchase.

What size are your plates?

3.25” x 5.75”

Are your plates heated?

Yes, each plate has its’ own heating cartridge and thermocouple with PID controller.

What type of finish is on your frame?

Black Nitride, a gun-barrel style finish, will protect the Daxtractor from chipping and keep the rosin press looking fresh even after prolonged use.

How much pressure?

25 tons of hydraulic pressure creates maximum yield on the very first press.

Does your pump need an air compressor?

No air compressor is needed! Our manual pump runs off of arm power while the automatic pump can be simply plugged into an outlet. This creates a quiet and enjoyable work space.

How much does it weigh?


Is it worth the price?

This is the rosin press for anyone looking for dependability, ease of use and an exceptional experience. The Daxtractor is a solid carbon steel press built specifically for the Rosin Industry. It has been manufactured in a professional machine shop and comes with a one year warranty and Pelican travel case. All parts and equipment have been hand picked from well established US based businesses to create a superior finished product that is also compact and portable.

Is the Daxtractor made in the USA?

We are proud to offer a press that is completely American made. The frames are manufactured in our family’s machine shop in Johnstown, OH. All parts and equipment are from US businesses.

What do I need to get started?

We’ve made it easy, simply choose our bundle package. The bundle includes everything you need to begin pressing. Add this package to your shopping cart and you’ll have all the best from Daxtractor heading your way!

Is there any assembly required?

Straightforward and easy to use, The Daxtractor comes fully assembled and ready to press within minutes. Please reference the manufacturer guidelines for specific instruction on the pump of your choice.

Is there a carrying case?

A rolling Pelican travel case is included with each Daxtractor. The inside of the case includes custom cut heavy duty foam to keep your rosin press secure during storage and travel.

How much is shipping?

Shipping will be calculated at check out.

How long do I have to wait to get my Daxtractor?

Normal shipment time is 4-6 weeks from date of purchase. If we have inventory in stock, your Daxtractor will be shipped as soon as possible.