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Pressing the Rosin Industry Forward
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The Daxtractor is a hydraulic press that uses heat and pressure to create a solvent-less extract within minutes. Because it does not use a solvent to extract the plant matter, this technique is a pure and clean way to produce a concentrate.

The Daxtractor press is unique to the rosin field as it packs 25 tons of hydraulic pressure into a solid carbon steel frame that is small enough to be placed on your kitchen counter.

Custom built for the Rosin industry:

  • 25 tons of hydraulic pressure creates maximum yield on the very first press.
  • No air compressor is needed.
  • Includes rolling Pelican 1560 travel case.
  • A rugged gun-barrel style finish protects from wear and tear.
  • The dual-heated aluminum plates are nickel coated for easy cleaning.
  • Compact, portable, and travel friendly.
  • The Daxtractor arrives fully assembled and ready for use.

Professionally designed, built and manufactured in the USA, the Daxtractor is pressing the Rosin Industry forward.